You Happy First Unite

The idea of creating a membership site around holistic self-care has been on my mind for at least two years before it came into existence.  Not only was the vision overwhelmingly big, I also wouldn’t have been able to execute this alone. At the beginning of last year the co-founder of You Happy First Unite, Judith White, finally emerged and together we launched what we call ‘our life’s work’ on 18th April 2018.

We are on a quest to create the World’s No. 1 One-Stop Shop, Membership Site and Community for Holistic Self-Care. Yes we know that’s ambitious and that’s ok. It won’t happen overnight either. It’s a slow process and we enjoy the journey with all its twists and turns. We think big because we know how important this work is. Holistic Self-Care, looking after our Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit is more crucial than ever. In such a fast-paced, crazy world it’s easy to get swallowed up and overwhelmed. We want to take the selfish out of self-care and empower you to look after yourself first so you can then go back out into the world to serve and inspire others.

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