1:1 Reiki Sessions

There are different ways of giving a Reiki treatment. It can be done actively (focusing intention and visualisations towards the part of you that needs healing physically, mentally/emotionally or spiritually) or passively (only working with set hand positions and believing that Reiki energy is intelligent, knowing where it is needed the most). You are either present in the room or Reiki can be given as a distant treatment.

Active treatments are more effective and the founder, Mikao Usui, treated his clients actively at all times, saying that if someone presented with a problem with the brain, he’d treat the head and if someone had a problem with the stomach, he’d treat the stomach. Therefore, this is Alexandra’s preferred choice of working.

You remain fully clothed during the treatment, comfortably lying on a massage table, covered with a blanket.

If you are interested in experiencing Reiki for the first time or you visit for a general maintenance session, Alexandra will put her hands in 12 set positions for around 3 to 5 minutes. If you are not comfortable with direct touch, Alexandra can also work with her hands off your body. This does not impact the quality of the treatment. Oftentimes clients would book an appointment for specific concerns. In this case Alexandra works much more targeted and places her hands in positions as directed by her knowledge of Reiki as well as her intuition.