It was time when I felt uncomfortable and unhappy from within. I knew that traditional massage was not what I needed.
I turned to Alexandra for help.

Each Body Talk session was different, tapping into different corners of my body and mind

Thanks to Alexandra’s knowledge and determination to make me happy again at the end of the course I felt strong, positive and confident in my own skin.

I recommend Body Talk if you feel a bit lost…

* A note from Alexandra: It is important to realise that the happiness a client feels comes from within them. I cannot make anyone happy. 🙂 Any client should give credit to their own bodymind for healing in a way that allows happiness back into their lives. I am merely a facilitator for these changes to happen.


I visited Alexandra for BodyTalk particularly wanting to work on issues of anxiety. I didn’t know much about  this modality but after each session I left feeling surprised and more at ease with myself. There were a few times where I had some big emotional releases, Alexandra would pick something up from my body, something I ‘forgot’ bothered me, and we tapped it out. Sometimes my body would shake and often I would cry. It’s amazing how much we store within ourselves and how important it is to listen to our bodies.

I found Alexandra laid-back, open-hearted and supportive. I didn’t feel rushed, she gave as much time as needed for the session. Thank you so much!


I have had a series of distance bodytalk sessions with Alexandra over the past year. I recently received a session from her that made me realise that the few specific agenda items that I had been working on, are no longer an agenda in my life! I find bodytalk to be interesting in that way. It’s almost like there is this issue. I receive a session from Alexandra and within a few weeks, months, 6 months time, the issue so subtly disappears that I forget that it was even an issue and I’ve even forgotten that I used bodytalk to resolve the issue. Bodytalk is simply just amazing and thank you to Alexandra for showing me how far i’ve come, what i’ve worked on, and the power behind having someone like you guide me and help provide me with direction to reach my goals!!


I received a BodyTalk treatment from Alexandra following a painful gym injury which left me unable to put any weight on my right foot. I was pleasantly surprised by the effects and how quickly I recovered from my injury as a result of the session, which also included Reiki as part of this particular treatment plan. Almost instantly I could feel less tension and pain in the injured area. I even managed to put some weight back on my foot after the session and walk down the stairs which was nearly impossible beforehand. Within two days I was able to walk comfortably again. Alexandra is a true professional who is dedicated to her work and it shows in the treatment she delivers. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone


I had a distance Bodytalk session with Alexandra a couple of months ago. I had a really sore knee, it was very painful to walk and swollen, so did not bend very well. During the session the pain went from an 8 to a 2 and the pain had completely gone by the next day and it has not come back. I have suffered with knee pain for many years and it has stopped me exercising but I am back running and just can’t believe how powerful one Bodytalk session can be.


Alexandra introduced me to BodyTalk and her 2 sessions have made a decisively positive impact on habits and behavior because I became swiftly more self-aware. Her intuitive approach is jaw-dropping, the environment she created was very safe and open and I was given the space to allow for the changes to happen. I would definitely work with Alexandra again to re-balance and heal, if I have the need in the future.


My Body Talk Sessions With Alexandra Datwyler have turned my life around.

In the summer of 2015 I became extremely ill and was in an incredible amount of pain. After tests with my Dr it was discovered that I had fluid on my lungs and I was tested for Cancer which thankfully was not the case but I was completely laid out with the effects of the fluid which was drained and I was left feeling completely wiped out and lethargic which I was told would be the case for up to at least 8 months [although it has lasted a lot longer]. I was unable to carry out simple daily chores. I am married with two children.  Two weeks after my Cancer results came through January 2016 my mother had a stroke and I  have been caring for her since.

I started seeing Alexandra for Remedial Massage and Reiki, to combat my stress levels which were going through the roof! I found the sessions wonderfully relaxing but I would soon slip back into stress very quickly due to the situation around my mother [NHS].

I got to the stage where with everything that was going on with mum, taking care of my family and my menopause that I became quite desperate and felt that I was definitely not coping, very tearful, very depressed, angry, frustrated. This  was effecting everyone around me.

Then Alexandra suggested Body Talk. It is a totally different experience. You do have to open up your mind and trust in her. She is very soothing, gentle and thorough in her explanation as to what she is doing. It is very relaxing and enlightening. She does more than Body Talk because she’s sharing her knowledge with you which is very therapeutic.

I started my sessions with her mid 2016. Today I can say it has been life changing. Its not an over night fix but today with all the obstacles that still occur on a daily basis I am feeling incredibly calm, happy, content and relaxed. I can see the funny side and joke and laugh out loud and more feel positive. I feel that I can cope.  She has had sessions with my mother, 81yrs, who gets very excited and happy when she sees Alexandra and feels positive and relaxed after. My 11yr and 13yr old sons have enjoyed sessions and I can see positive results.

Alexandra is wise beyond her years. She gets you into her bubble of peace and tranquillity and takes you on a magical journey.

I think everyone should experience this incredible technique and its life changing benefits.

Wishing you all well.

Max Howe

I came to Alexandra initially for Reiki, having fallen across her site, and feeling drawn to explore more during my search for a “something” I couldn’t quite pinpoint. Whilst under doctor supervision and counselling, I felt stuck. 

I guess I would be considered a more unusual client, not coming with one specific ailment or need, just a general sense of ‘unwellness’ presenting in varying physical symptoms and some prevailing mental health needs. I was not looking for a fix, but something ‘unnamable’ to give my body and soul a break – a breakthrough from this place I was stuck in. 

Alexandra explained BodyTalk to me, and I have to admit – even as someone in touch with non-western healing – I was a little unsure, but ready to jump in.

The sessions were clearly explained and Alexandra is a kind practitioner who really takes the time to listen and put you at ease. I think this was very important for a therapy that remains largely unknown in general awareness. You’re putting your mind and body in the hands of another person therefore a trusting relationship is paramount. 

Over the course the sessions brought up many different things – some I felt I understood, others I didn’t. But, as Alexandra explained, I didn’t feel the need to understand them logically – just that this was what my body was bringing forward. At times I felt the urge to look into it more – but Alexandra remained available to me as her client and helped reassure me and that this is not about diagnosing. 

The practical techniques to help with this – during session and for me to take with me – gave a sense of control to a process that can sometimes feel a little out of control. After all your body is talking for you! And for me, speaking things I understood on a deeper level but had not been brought to the surface. 

The sessions didn’t always leave me calm, at times leaving me unsettled for a few days. However, this ‘not so great’ place never felt negative. It felt like an accessing of a space I had not previously allowed myself to enter. 

I think for me the biggest thing has been the shift in my journaling. I had been seeing a counsellor for some time who advocated the use of a journal, yet I could never push through the resistance to this. After my first BodyTalk session I have journaled almost every day – even if just a small amount. This may not appear like a result everyone may look for – I know many will want an instant “physical shift”. But this space has allowed me to begin to tune into my body, my feelings and myself a little more, everyday. 

In terms of my physical symptoms, I think it allowed me to better understand how my mental and physical health are so closely entwined. Whilst undergoing other medical support whilst having BodyTalk, I do think these sessions helped me access a better understanding of my body’s internal workings alongside the western / herbal medications and support I was getting. Most poignantly, after the third BodyTalk session I had the first menstrual bleeding after having been amenorrheic for 6 years. 

BodyTalk is not a quick fix and it is not medication. It is something that penetrates a different layer of wellness. You have to be open to something outside of popping a pill, but I believe it something well worth accessing.


Bodytalk for me has been an excellent journey. I was almost at the verge of breaking down when I found Alexandra’s profile on the internet. I never knew what bodytalk was until I met Alexandra and i have never regretted it.

Mental and physical wellness is very important to live a happy life. For years, I have been struggling and coping with disturbed sleep, brain muscle tightening and pain on part of my body. At first, all I wanted was a head massage but Alexandra advised about body talk which I gave a try. After the first session, I started to feel some relief in my head and for the first time in couple of years, I could sleep deeply  without any medication, the tightness in my head started to subside and the healing process began. Though it is advisable to everyone to seek medical attention alongside bodytalk- but I could say what I could not achieve with medical help became achievable in less than a week with bodytalk…

What also impressed me was that bodytalk does not only focus on the issues you mention… it practically scans your whole body and environment to try and find if there is any link to the problem… I also like the fact that bodytalk uprooted other problems my being was struggling with which was not even obvious to me…now I could focus well and think clearly more than before…. this journey has been marvellous. Not to mention my hip pain which I have had for more than 5 years- in just few minutes of bodytalk- i can say I haven’t felt the pain since then which is like 2 weeks after now…

if I am permitted,  I could say bodytalk for me should be every month – there is a massive difference from where I used to be and where I am now – I am still on the road to full recovery but with the results I have been experiencing, i will surely get there. Bodytalk has been excellent for me, you just have to allow your body do the healing by supporting it. Follow any advice or self technique given and it shall be well All I can say is thank you Alexandra .It’s one thing to have potentials and another to be dedicated, Alexandra has got it all…

*A note from Alexandra: All BodyTalk sessions have been conducted as distance treatments via Skype.


I came to BodyTalk purely by chance through a friends Dissertation which mentioned how BodyTalk has helped people who are ‘stuck’ in life or suffering from a ‘chronic illness’ (I fall into both categories) so looked into it further. The more I researched the more it intrigued me.

What amazed me was finding Alexandra, I did not expect her to be local to me! Anyway, I booked my first appointment with her but was sceptical as to how BodyTalk would really work but open to trying it, nonetheless.

Well, I was surprised to say the least, the actual treatment is very relaxing & comfortable & I expected to feel something but didn’t as its very gentle. It was only after it finished that I felt like a ‘dark cloud’ had lifted off of me & a ‘veil’ had been covering my eyes because everything looked brighter & more colourful (by the way it was a dull, rainy day in England!) I didn’t expect that & as a bonus I felt ‘happier’ then I have done so, for a long time.

So I booked a package with Alexandra because I knew this wasn’t my ‘imagination’ having been so sceptical.

As we went deeper into the sessions, I felt more trusting in BodyTalk & Alexandra, the sessions brought out issues that I had stored away from various upsets & hurts in my past. What was lovely was having a ‘safe-space’ to allow it out without having to ‘experience’ it again.

BodyTalk also took the onus away from me as it was literally my body saying what it needed & not what ‘I thought it needed’ which was very freeing because it meant I could relax fully & just trust the process. As we progressed through a few more sessions; one stood out as a complete u-turn for me & surprised me by it’s intensity! It was only because I had Alexandra by my side, holding my hand, that I was able to ‘go with it’ & release it completely; that was quite overwhelming but at the same time again, very freeing & this time I did feel it!

I wish I had known about BodyTalk years ago because just a few sessions with Alexandra released years & years of ‘baggage’ that I didn’t even know I had been carrying! I’ve been having Acupuncture for 8 years, Counselling for 2 years, Psychotherapy for 12 months & changed my Diet (stopped all processed foods, sugar + salt) changed my Lifestyle, stopped all Pharmaceutical drugs & even tried Chiropractic treatment but BodyTalk blows them all out of the water! And in only a few sessions  to boot, not years & years of it, so it works out cheaper in the long run with a much, more profound & dramatic outcome.

I can’t recommend Alexandra & BodyTalk highly enough, she has a natural way about her but don’t let that fool you to how powerful this therapy really is & how effective it is & how deeply it has impacted my life. I finally am able to let go of old patterns of behaviour that were hindering me & self sabotage was the worst one plus my self-esteem & self-worth have risen from the ashes (so to speak) & my confidence in myself has been regained and I feel so much ‘lighter’!

Thank you so much Alexandra

Mrs Ward

I had been struggling with an intermittent pain in my hip which was aggravated by walking/running etc. It had got to the point where everyday movements such as sitting down were getting very painful. I’d seen the Drs and a sports physio but neither of them could put their finger on the issue. I’d had a taster Body Talk Session with Alexandra earlier in the year so thought I would visit her to see if we could get to the bottom of the issue. I had read lots of testimonials about the incredible impact that Body Talk could have and as my pain was getting worse by the day I wanted to explore all the options available to me.
Alexandra is very friendly and professional and I felt totally at ease throughout the sessions. After my first session, it felt like a weight had been lifted and I went away feeling very relaxed. Over the next week or so my pain improved significantly. After a follow-up session with Alexandra, the pain disappeared completely, which was incredible!
I must admit I was sceptical about Body Talk to start with but after reading lots about it and having the sessions with Alexandra I couldn’t recommend it enough for people who have had long-term undiagnosable health issues. It was such a relief to have the pain go and not have to go for any more tests etc at the Drs.
I’ve got my first half marathon in just over 2 weeks which I wouldn’t have been able to train for if I hadn’t got the issue with hip sorted 🙂