I have been doing the individual meditation sessions with Alexandra for over a year and have found them very helpful and enjoyable. They are super relaxed and casual and vary from one session to the next, depending on what week / day I had and what my mind needs…. it can be a general wellness chat, a more ‘traditional’ mindfulness session or a new breathing exercise just to name a few. No matter what, I always feel more relaxed and revitalised after!


I had never done Meditation until I tried a 15-minute taster session at work one day. I didn’t expect to be able to relax or switch off at all, but in actually fact I nearly fell asleep, and I knew instantly that Alexandra was magic and her Meditation sessions could be valuable. Work and home life are busy with conflicting priorities and I often feel overwhelmed, but with Alexandra I have found a way to give my racing brain a rest and a reset. What’s particularly valuable for me is when she says not to worry if the mind wonders, because it does in every session. But by simply saying those words mid-way through the Meditation, Alexandra brings my mind back to calm, focused breathing again. Meditation with Alexandra is relaxing, soothing and comforting and it reminds me that I am important and that it is ok to stop and just be. They have been a life changer for me.


Alexandra has been a wellbeing rock for me! not only during lockdowns, but also when we went back to ‘normal’ working life. I get weekly reiki/meditation sessions with Alexandra, as well as her chair massages in the office, I feel so relaxed at every session and cannot thank her enough for her services. I highly recommend every business has Alexandra for every wellbeing related service she offers!


Alexandra’s massages are amazing. In the Reading area, she is one of the best therapists! I would happily recommend Alexandra highly to any business or individual who is looking for a wonderful, relaxed experience


I’ve been doing regular meditation sessions with Alexandra. In the busy lives that we all have these days, it’s the one moment you can really switch off and reset. Alexandra offers the chance to have a conversation about anything that may also be on your mind or just a chat in general. It’s something I genuinely look forward to each week as a way to de-stress!


I started the guided meditation with Alexandra a few months ago during lockdown. I found the lessons extremely helpful providing me the tools to relax and re focus my efforts. It was also nice to talk about shared interests about dieting and general health and wellness. I look forward to our weekly sessions.

Thank you!!


I am very lucky to work in an office which takes health and wellbeing seriously. Alexandra visits every couple weeks and provides shoulder and back massages which are needed when you sit at a desk 5 days a week for 8 hours a day. She is professional and provides a relaxing experience which relieves tension and stress and gives me a renewed energy. I would recommend massage by Alexandra to any businesses wanting to look after their staff, and individuals who would benefit from a relaxing experience.


It gives me great satisfaction to recommend the wonderful Alexandra and her services. I had the pleasure recently of getting a massage from her and I didn’t want to leave. Everything was just right from beginning to end. The music, the mood, her technique…..spot on! Along with her kind and warm nature, this makes her (in my opinion) the ideal therapist! I would definitely advise any office supervisors or managers, that are keen in healthy living and wellness to bring Alexandra into your corporate environment and let her transform it onto a place where not only people can work, but also feel good! 100% Highly recommend Alexandra!


Alexandra’s sessions have helped me in many ways.


I was always open to the thought of meditation but didn’t understand the impact it could have on me.  I attended a company event where Alexandra did a taster and it actually made me emotional which came as a great surprise.  It was like a release.  Since then, Alexandra has helped me through the difficult time of Covid through our personal  sessions and even a general anaesthetic when she sent me a meditation to help me prepare.


Body talk has helped me identify and address physical and emotional issues that I didn’t realise were affecting me.  Some of them have been unresolved for years.  It’s given me the tools to help with them and I now feel far better equipped to deal with things in both my professional and personal life.  I went into the first session feeling a little bit sceptical but have had a few sessions since and the difference and level of self-understanding has been significant.


I have been receiving treatment from Alexandra at ‘You Happy First’ for a few years now. I initially partook in a few group meditation sessions and was so incredibly impressed that I moved on to book and enjoy one-to-one meditations. My favourite experience is the body scan which I always left feeling very relaxed and refreshed. Notwithstanding it was my go-to, she always made sure it was unique and had the same impact as the very first session. 

Working in a high pace and stressful environment, we rarely take time out of our day to properly take stock, allow our minds to disengage, relax and recharge. These sessions provided all of those things. It became part of my two-weekly schedule and I really felt it when I was forced to miss it. Alexandra was always on hand to be flexible when needed and accommodate as much as possible. 

I cannot recommend Alexandra enough and would not hesitate to encourage you to experience her immense skill and talent. She provided a mental and physical relaxation which I did not know I needed until I started sessions with her. 


Firstly Alexandra  is such a lovely person and passionate about making people feel happier.  She takes the time to get to know you and tailor the services she offers to you needs on that day.  I have participated with mediation on a weekly basis since last May and in that time I have built a really good rapport with her.  Each of her sessions are so unique and she is very playful and imaginative with her mediations that I can honestly say that I have never experienced two the same.  What I can say with confidence that after each session I have a renewed sense of intention and purpose feeling less overwhelmed.  Her session really help alleviate my anxiety which increased in the last couple of years due to being perimenopausal.  Mediation allows me to have that pause in the day to recoup and refocus.  It’s a very special experience. I was also able to have a few body talk sessions which looked into the mind/body feedbacks . If you are curious, I would go with an open mind.  Let Alexandra know of a physical or mental symptom you are suffering from and you will be surprised and enlightened by the analysis that she uses to interpret what is really going on.  Also amazes me how she can tap into your deeper subconscious does make you think differently afterwards! Also she is also so flexible with accommodating sessions into your busy day and no problem if you need to change.


During lockdown and beyond, the group relaxations have been a godsend for me.  The pressure of work and home was getting too much, so the ability to pause for 30 minutes and to be guided through a mindful meditation helped me regain focus and to remember my mental health is a priority.  I have also had several Bodytalk sessions to address specific issues individually with Alexandra which have been life-changing.  And I do not exaggerate here: she has supported my well being through some very difficult personal and professional times, in order to make the positive changes that were well overdue.  A huge game changer.  Alexandra is trustworthy, patient and always empathetic and cheerful.  I look forward to our weekly sessions so much!