This guided meditation class contains various components from different modalities and healing systems.

You will learn a valuable take-home technique to balance left-right brain, increase clarity, therefore making you more receptive to the meditation session and it improves general balance and well-being.

We will open class with this technique every week.

In addition you will benefit from my work as a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, as I will infuse every class with Reiki energy. All this means is, that I will intend for Reiki energy to fill the room we are gathered in for the highest good of all concerned to support us in our endeavour to meditate on various topics.

Any Reiki Practitioners (Level 1, 2 and above) are warmly invited to open their channels too, to support the group energy.

This class is entirely non-religious although certainly spiritual. Reiki is a Japanese healing system which draws upon spiritual life force energy.

This is what I call an active guided meditation class. You are encouraged to participate in simple writing exercises to engage you with the weekly topic and deepen your practice.

The main meditation will always revolve around a theme which changes every four weeks. This gives us time to explore different aspects and connect on a more profound level.

From week to week you are encouraged to keep meditating for a short while each day. An mp3 file will be made available on each topic to support a guided home practice.

This is a seated meditation with chairs provided to make the class more accessible for beginners. If you prefer meditating on the floor (sitting or lying down), please bring your own cushion and/or yoga mat.

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